Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poem for my daughter on her birthday

For Jane

Every blonde head makes me sad
Greatly grieving,
thinking how
I simply told you
to borrow a life,
anywhere you could.

But I can not
calm myself
with drama and sorrow
for your new identity
dearly bought
would cost
the serenity
I supposedly sought. --lorraine

written in 1967, a year after she was born


  1. I feel you. My daughter's birthday is April 8th. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Much love to you Lorraine on Jane's birth day. The poem is achingly beautiful.

    I believe that Jane is sending you her love, her soul full of only love and peace. No pain or loss from adoption or her epilepsy ~ just love.

  3. It's beautiful, Lorraine; heartfelt thoughts go out to you.

  4. Light and Love sent to you and Jane today Lorraine.


  5. Thank you for sharing this poem. It speaks so eloquently to your loss and love of your daughter.

    Thinking of you this week and especially on Jane's birthday.

  6. May the years not bring tears, but be sorrowed lessened. Beautiful, deep and warm....

  7. Nice insightful poem, and amazing that you wrote it when she was just a year old. Sympathy on this day.

  8. My sympathy to you Lorraine and to all those reading here who feel loss on the day of your daughter's birth.

  9. Lorraine,
    All my positive energy goes out to you on this day. Cherish every moment you had with her good or bad. I'm sure she knew you loved her. Cry as hard as you want. You and Jane deserve every tear.

  10. Lorraine,

    No special words of wisdom---just a lot of love and sympathy from one natural mother to another. I'm holding both you and your beautiful daughter Jane in my thoughts and prayers this week.

  11. It is lovely Lorraine.


  12. Thank you all for the good wishes.
    Today is another day. It's still frigid here at the tip of Long Island--the cold winter ocean keeps spring at bay--but the sun is out.

  13. This site is looking for poetry about adoption. 3 of mine were accepted and will be up eventually.
    Anyone else who wants to submit their work, go to

  14. Poignantly beautiful.
    May the sweetness ameliorate the sorrow.

  15. This is a beautiful poem but it makes me very sad. Devastating that you had to give up your beloved daughter for no good reason at all.


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