Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Birth Mothers Survive 'Mother's Day'

My Mother's Day advice...and for all of you reading First Mother Forum on Mother's Day....shut the computer down, do not read the newspaper, a friend, go outside and pull weeds from your garden, go shopping and buy yourself something nice (but don't blow the budget), go for a walk with a friend, lover, husband, dog, or by yourself...go to the movies (avoid Mother and Child today, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo might be a better choice)...take a drive, hop on a bike, go to the gym--doing something physical will make your feel better, both inside and out.

Why not read the newspaper? Too many Mother's Day stories abound, even Modern Love in the New York Times could not resist and hit us with a whammy--an open adoption story for Mother's Day: Open Adoption--Not so Simple Math, what a good idea, how timely! 

But remind yourself: Come Monday Mother's Day will be over for another year. It's only a day. It's only a day. Use that as your mantra.

Incidentally, my dear friend Jen, my almost daughter that I've written about before in Letters Lead to an Alternative Universe Daughter sent me the above illustration and it seemed perfect to share. Our story continues as we have met and are just as connected and close as our emails led us to believe we would be. Having her come into my life was truly a blessing, as was Tony's children and their families, as was my granddaughters--now two of them!--life goes on. I know that when I am blue, it will pass. Even when I was crying into my teacups the other day, I could tell myself: it will pass. That often gets me through the worst times.--lorraine                                                               


Susie said...

This birthmother survives Mother's Day in part because of fellow moms like you who completely understand my life as a first mom.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Margie said...

Many hugs and thoughts going to you today, Lorraine, just as they're doing to every woman who has shared your experience.