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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Locator...is looking for you.

This just in from Women's Entertainment (WE), home of Bridezilla, Platinum Weddings, Extreme Plastic Surgery:

The Locator

Are you looking for someone important who you just can't find? Birth parent? Sibling? Lost Love?

Over the last two decades, The Locator, Troy Dunn, has found over 20,000 "unfind-able" men, women and children - be it an adoptee seeking their biological parents, someone looking for a lost sibling, or anyone with a heartfelt need to reunite for a personal and compelling reason.

Troy is currently looking for individuals who have a desire to be reunited to be featured in his new WE tv series, "The Locator". If you want to say: "I love you", "I'm sorry", or "Thank You" to someone you can't find, Troy might be able to help you do it.

Apply now on our website: TroyTheLocator.com

Well, it could be like Extreme Home Makeover,ABC's Sunday night hit. I wonder if the Locator would do it for first mothers/fathers? The show is advertising for people, as the copy above indicates from their website. I assume you have to be willing to knock on the door-- unannounced--of your birth parents and take what comes. While anything that gets across the innate unfairness of closed records (to both adopted people and birth parents) gets a star in my book--even that tacky short-lived but highly controversial "Who's My Daddy?"--this ought to also rate high in the ick factor of personal invasion.

We'll see, it would seem that the person found would also have to agree to his/her fifteen minutes of fame to be seen on camera. How do you folks feel about this? Anybody want to apply? Know someone who might? You never know...I believe the show is scheduled to start this fall. My husband said that he saw a promo for it that shows The Locator knocking on the door of a first/birth mother.



  1. If you look at the website, you can see actual video sneak peeks of the show. Yes, he does reunite a firstmom and her daughter. Heaven help me, seeing it gave me chills and I couldn't help but get a bit misty-eyed. :-)

  2. BTW, that's We's website I am talking about.

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  4. This show could depict mothers in a bad way, especially if they refuse contact.

    It could also be used for adoption promotion if the mothers spout "I'm glad I gave you a better life by giving you away."

    BTW, I doubt few, if any, mothers truly beleive this, but society won't allow anything but the standard "ain't adoption grand" statements.

  5. I'm so mixed. I know I'm going to be watching this show with a knot in my stomach. I'm so wary of people being exploited for ratings. Or of having happy happy better life nonsense thrown in front of a huge audience. But I will be watching.



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