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Friday, January 9, 2009

A Fairy Tale Ending in Vietnam

Just a short and happy note today...to send you to a remarkable reunion story about a child stolen in Vietnam and the reunion many years later. As Jane wrote yesterday, the pressure to have more adoptable babies leads to all sorts of corruption and abuse. Children are stolen, kidnapped, bought and sold like sacks of wheat. Because all adoptions are glorified, we have people perfectly capable of having children thinking they will adopt some day.

Our blood runs cold.

If only those who would adopt would seek their children among the older children in this country who really need parents.

If only those who are trying to adopt and then are approved, only to find that they will soon have a child of their own, would then not adopt and at least let the child go to a family without children.

If only the state would provide more aid to single mothers and not act as if adoption is the only good answer.

If only taking a child from his mother did not result in such lifelong heartache.

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  1. Lorraine, I was hoping to find a contact me or e-mail me link on the blog, but am unable to. I wanted to write you privately regarding the Baby Jessica story.

    My e-mail is kristysearching (at) yahoo.com if you get a chance.




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