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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

International Baby Thieves Given PROBATION

While we have this disgusting situation over the baby-snatchers who were given no-jail time by the adoption-always! Mormon band of thieves, U.S prosecutor, Brett Tolman, and Judge David Sam in Salt Lake City earlier this week, The Australian Broadcasting System has a story about stealing babies from the streets of India to be adopted in Australia. Both stories are equally sick and the product of a seemingly unquenchable thirst for infants from anywhere.

Having coffee with a friend the other day, I mentioned E.J. Graff's expose in Foreign Policy, and she said that she had friends who had just adopted from Vietnam. But, she said, they had spent six months working at the agency there and came home with a child with various problems. So I am assuming that their adoption in a clean one. ALEXANDER MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty ImagesWho's your mommy?

Parents might never know if their adopted child is truly an orphan. Back to the Samoan/Salt Lake situation. Prosecutor Tolman told Judge Sam that the birth parents reached by his office did not want prison time for those connected to the Focus on Children thieves...and that they had interviewed some 25 families WHOSE KIDS WERE SENT TO AMERICA to come to this conclusion.

Now what about this smells? This factoid: Approximately 30 % of the Samoan population is...Mormon. The Latter Day Saints are only saving your children! For those just catching up on this story, I'm leaving yesterday's post up. Sorry this has to be all one graf, but so goes the blog: Well, I'm about ready to throw up over the sentence that baby-thieves in Salt Lake City--good Mormons, apparently--got from fellow Mormon: PROBATION. U.S. District Judge David Sam, who ought to discover that he is a LDA (Late Discovery Adoptee) rather than LDS, passed on jail time for Focus On Children agency principals Scott and Karen Banks and caseworkers Coleen Bartlet and Karalee Thornock.

This lovely quartet scammed parents in Samoa into believing their children would be educated in the U.S. and returned later. What happened instead is that the kids were "legally" adopted in the U.S. Judging from the comments at the Salt Lake Tribune website, they were adopted into the Church of the Latter Day Saints and all that means. Prosecutor Brett Tolman (A graduate of Brigham Young University who is accused of dirty deeds during the W. Bush years) recommended probation and setting up a fund that will help set up post offices bosses in Samoa so the REAL PARENTS can receive letters and photos of their children BUT ONLY IF THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS DECIDE TO INITIATE CONTACT.

You read that right. Given what we know about adoptive parents who adopt overseas (so they don't have to save a seat at the dance recital), how many are going to do that? A fifth defendant is expected to also get no jail time; and US has been unable to extradite the child snatchers in Samoa, Tagaloa Ieti and Julie Tiuletufuga. Tolman's phone number is 801-525-5682, or email him at usaut.webmaster@usdoj.gov. What can we add? The market pressure for children leads to this kind of trickery and sham. Yeah, I'm steamed. At least email Tolman and let him know what first mothers think.

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  1. As a lifelong child loather, I have never grasped the idea of baybee obcession. I can understand that people want children (though why, is mystery),but the extent that they will go through to acquire them is beyond comprehension. I am sure there are plenty of things we all want. Personally, I'd like a 27 room Victorian home, but if I spent my whole life trying to acquire one through fraud, bribery, chicanery or simply turning my back on what was being done illegally by others to get it for me, I'd not only be considered mental, but I could go to jail. I guess when it's a baybee, it's OK.



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