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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Breaking News on the Jackson kids is not for First Mother Forum

Let me eat my words before anything else: Debbie Rowe, the purported mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children was announcing that she was going to ask for custody of the two children she bore at the very time we were posting our last blog. She added that she did not think she would get custody of the third child, Prince Michael, or "Blanket," but would make the case that keeping the siblings together would be best for their mental health. So.......we were wrong.

And in a further reassessment of the situation: checking out her picture, she does have that cute upturned nose that the other children have. So.........we were likely to be found wrong.

What can I say? Mea culpa.

I understand Perez Hilton, who does this kind of up-to-the minute blogging, gets very little shuteye during the night. That is not how we first mothers are going to run this little blog that we do for fun? because we certainly are not doing it for profit....

Anyway, good night all. I think I will leave the Jackson journey to other blogs. The Fourth of July is upon us. I've sent my draft of Hole in My Heart to my agent (as of Sunday evening) and am waiting to here what she has to say. And I'm going to enjoy the Fourth with friends. --lorraine

PS: That's me and my granddaughter, who was ten or eleven at the time.


  1. Shoot me, but I don't think she should get them. On TV tonight (can't remember where) I heard her lawyer was right behind her by a few minutes saying to disregard anything she said. MJ's not even buried yet, and it's a circus.

  2. Good choice, Lorraine, to leave this one alone!:-)It is too hard to keep up with the buzzards circling around the mess that was Jackson's life and death.

    Sadly I do not think anyone wants those kids for themselves, but lots of people want a chance at the millions attached to them. I don't think Rowe should get them either, but the other players are not much better.

    The kids were created to be Jackson's playthings, with no real concept of parenthood and now that he is gone they are really nobody's kids, and they have never had any sort of normal life.

    It almost seems like this would be the one case where anonymous adoption and having the kids "disappear" like into the witness protection program might be the best thing for them while the money fight drags on for years. Nobody in that mess seems to have any emotional connection to the kids, because that is how Jackson wanted it. The whole thing is beyond sad.

  3. Maryanne, you are right. Disappear into a witness protection program would be a blessing to them.

    but you see, I did not leave this story yet, not after I saw that Debbie Rowe ... was adopted.

    But I swear, this is it! Until the final adjudication.



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