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Friday, July 17, 2009

More News on China's confiscated' children; Officials say they were 'legally' adopted

More on the story from China where babies were "confiscated" and "legally" adopted overseas in 2006 and 2007, thanks to one of our intrepid readers. This from the AP in the Wall Street Journal where you can read more:

BEIJING – Chinese authorities have punished six government officials after three baby girls whose parents were still alive were sent to an orphanage in southern China that subsequently put them up for adoption overseas, state media and an official said.

Family planning officials in impoverished Guizhou province's Zhenyuan County sent the babies to a state-run orphanage during 2003 and 2004 without properly investigating their backgrounds, the county government said on its Web site.

Officials and relatives mislead the families who lost their children, but the number is the story is three, not the eighty reported earlier. Whatever the number, these children's adoptions should not be considered "legal." That's like saying, I kidnap your child in one state, go to another state and have the adoption validated legally by saying, Gee, this child was abandoned...and then I get the paper saying: This adoption was legal. Only in this case, it's a given that the children are not growing up in China.

What if the original parents want the child back? Poor peasants are not likely to get them back. Is the Chinese government doing anything about getting the children back? Or is the one-or-two child only policy means...end of story. The official word is that six Chinese officials were punished, but they were not named nor was the punishment specified.


I am having a hard time feeling user friendly about China. --lorraine


PS: On another note, regarding an earlier post about the gaga adoption sites (such as adoptionvoices.com) owned by Nathan G. William of Arizona, who owns a thousand domain names connected to adoption, we are hearing that people trying to post respectful, but, ahem, less than glowing comments about adoption...are not getting their posts up. Let's keep acting up. Thanks to Cedar for this latest information.

Good women seldom make history.

And again...Spence-Chapin wants to entice me to adopt...apparently they have loads of babies in need of homes...or they are in need of cash. This agency goes out of its way to appear to be great friends of the (birth/first) mothers who relinquish their children...but it seems to me from these ads, they are most worried about staying in business. Remember, babies are a cash crop for adoption agencies. Yes, I'm feeling cranky about this today. The ads are offensive.


  1. Why? Because the CCAA tacitly approves of trafficking and baby-buying and knows orphanage directors make money for their institutions this way, which props up the entire Social Welfare Institute system. China has made hundreds of milions with int'l adoption. That is not a misprint. I sat down and calculated it one day.

  2. Not related to the problems in China, but here is an interesting article written by a man who left America for Lebanon, his counntry of birth. Touches on the political, economic and social implications of international adoption.




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