' [Birth Mother] First Mother Forum: RHODE ISLAND ADOPTEES CAN CELEBRATE!

Friday, July 1, 2011


A CLEAN BILL--no vetoes--has been signed by the governor today and now all those adopted on Rhode Island can get their original birth certificates at 25. Let's toast everyone who worked on this bill tonight! Thanks Paul, and the rest of you.


  1. YAY Ocean State!

    You may be small but you're big in our hearts. And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this. I hope you enjoy a huge celebration!

    Now if we could only get one of the largest or most populated states like CA, TX, PA, too.

  2. Wow,congratulations Rhode Island I'm headed there(Block Island) this weekend You're ahead of us here in NY.Cheers

  3. 25?! Ugh. I was reunited for about a decade at the age of 25. But nothing is perfekt I suppose.

    But I certainly congratulate those who worked on this bill.

  4. Congratulations Rhode Island! I can't wait to hear the details of what went right there.

  5. Top a' the mornin' to ya' all! I'm having all my friends advertise this site on Facebook, even Canadians.... It looks so good, Rhode Island shows up a pretty green.... I'm off to the hospital! Drat!

  6. My thoughts exactly Elizabeth by the time I was 25 I had been married and divorced, had a child, had jobs, witnessed death, etc. etc. but am not "ready" to see my birth certificate?

    While I too congratulate those who worked on the bill, the discrimination still stings.

    A 25 yearold can see the horrors of war but not their obc, apparently this was done to make sure we don't hurt our adoptive parents feelings. Our adoptive parents persumably knew they were adopting children and did so of their own free will. Same can't be said for us.

  7. Just to clarify: this access is only for people BORN in RI---where they were "adopted" is not part of the equation. The Div of Vital Records in RI only has birth certificates for those born in RI.
    Also, we have another legislative session in the spring of 2012 ...prior to the scheduled start date ( July 1, 2012) for allowing access to OBC's. We will , in no uncertain terms, be back submitting another bill that would lower the age....because all the arguments for setting the age at 25 are very very weak...plus there was overwhelming support of the age to be at 18. NO way is this going to be 25 for very long. Most importantly, there is no veto allowed EVER, for any reason.
    We are confident because we finally have a good raport with Leadership in the Senate. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to passing legislation.



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