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Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on state bills and meet my new constant companion

Lorraine yesterday in her sling, named Herman the Terminator
To update on all the noxious state bills regarding contraception and abortion that I wrote about in the last post: Some--if not most--of them have been tabled as women like us have pushed backed---in the state legislatures, on television, on Facebook, and on blogs. Many of the governors and legislators do have Facebook pages that were pretty lame until this got started; women have burned up some of the pages and the legislators have either taken theirs down or not let others comment. 

Meanwhile, in New York, we may actually be making progress on our clean bill this year. By clean I mean that it would give all adult adoptees their original birth certificates upon request. No birth parent veto.  When I get back from my "therapy evaluation" this morning, I'll be pecking out a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, explaining why pushing our bill (and without him, we can't get traction) is good politics across the nation. Cuomo wants to be president, make no mistake--and I want to let him know that backing our bill would be noticed by the adoptee constituency throughout America. If you have a connection to adoption in New York, please write to Cuomo, your local legislators, or Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. We need letters from first mothers, adoptees, adoptive parents. This is an equal opportunity effort. For more on the bill, see Unsealed Initiative, led by the tireless Joyce Bahr, a first mother. The letter you write might make the difference.

Well, above is how I look these days. Not photoshopped, no skill with blow dryer, no makeup. Au naturel. (And have you seen the ridiculous phot-shopped pix of Demi Moore for Helena Rubinstein? She's pushing 50, right? but looks 20. ) As for news of the limb in question, it will be months before it's up and running, good as can be. But I can nearly dress myself--but closing the bra strap is quite a while away. Apparently recovery will be months long, and how quickly I gain use of my limb again depends on how faithfully I do the exercises. So far, so good. Can't even drive, obviously, like this!

Jane is working on a new post reacting to the Donaldson report on open adoption and will be here soon.

So it goes.--lorraine


  1. Well, cool. The only way to make a change is to speak up, vote and be heard!

    The arm will heal, given time and energy.

    You look FABULOUS! I prefer au naturel to any kind of other crap. Sports bras are wonderful! No messing with hooks, zippers or other pain in the behind fasteners!

    Be well!

  2. Can't get into sports bras for a loooonnnng time. Can barely lift my arm. And am not supposed to! Ha first session with therapy folks today. Speed of recovery depends on how much I do the exercises.

    Clothes with fronts that close are my new favorite--even though I am a big fan of turtle necks, cowl necks, etc.

    Thanks, Lori.

  3. Looking good Loraine! Hoping you don't destroy to many things in your house with Herman the Terminator! I too am having some issues with hand. Dr will not do anything until I can close hand so looks like I am going to be the way I am the rest of my life. I am not on Medicare seems like the drs that do take it are attentive and willing to help seniors. I am a senior but who knows by the time I am eligible if Medicare will even exist. In meantime I keep paying my huge medical bills to just belong to an HMO and be able to have a decent hospital to go to in an emergency.

  4. Lorraine, don't forget, we still pay premiums and co-pays for medicare. I know that my medical bills outstrip my monthly income by twice. So, for those that don't get it, remember, just because it is a government program, it isn't FREE.

    That sucks on the bra front! Yikes! I hate having to struggle with clothing! Do the work and you will be back into your favs in no time!

  5. Yes...bras. I was never a big girl but stopped passing the pencil test (if you can hold a pencil with your breast, get a bra) in my late 20s...

    thanks for the comments, it's speeding my recovery and making me smile.


  6. You look fab, hope you recover quickly! And yes, we need Medicare.

  7. Marci!

    Torn rotator cuff ain't nothin' to sneeze at and apparently recovery will be months long. How quickly I gain use of my limb (right arm)again depends on how faithfully I do the exercises.
    So far, so good. Can't even drive, obviously, like this!

  8. Lori,
    I know Medicare isn't free but it sure will be cheaper than what I pay now. Four times what Medicare patients pay and I am thinking better care everyone I know on Medicare seems to get what they need care wise unless they can't have a surgery due to health.
    When I finally get Medicare if it is still around by then I have heard it's going to be gutted by Obama care along with panels that decide for me if I need procedure or surgery. I will also be on a fixed budget retired and have heard by the time I apply it will be twice the amount if there at all. Too bad our legislators were allowed to use Medicare as their private loan company and they do not pay back that money. Oh and I "entitled" another problem legilslators see Medicare users as like they don't get the best and the "entitled" I want medical care they have but only elitist get that medical care.



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