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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'I know my parents must be dead, but...'

Sandy Musser
First Mother Sandy Musser, one of the early pioneers of the adoption reform movement, has worked tirelessly to reunite parents and children separated by the laws governing adoption. She was convicted of a federal offense related to her work in 1993--she claims she was not guilty--and spent 11 months in a federal prison. Sandy continues to fight against the unjust laws still standing in the majority of states that keep original birth certificates sealed. 

The vast majority of us did NOT have a voice as to whether adoptees' birth certificates should be sealed. It was The Law: When adopted, a child's original birth certificate would be sealed for all time, denying her and her descendents the right to ever know their true ancestry. Sandy is urging us all to flood President Obama with letters this week to undue this terrible injustice and violation of human rights. If the President gets enough letters, he will take notice, and notice may lead to action. Along with most of the country, he did change his mind on gay marriage. First Mother Forum
will be resending the letter we sent shortly after his inauguration (link below)--and point out that we have still not received an answer. We know he's a busy guy, but our cause is just and right.

Sandy has started a group--ALARM (Advocating Legislation for Adoption Reform Movement)--and you can find it on Facebook. Let us join her crusade to bring our cause to the President. Here is Sandy's letter.--lorraine

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20050

Dear President Obama:

On this very day April 23rd--20 years ago in 1993, at the age of 54, I was being arraigned and eventually sent to Federal Prison for my work of reuniting families. "They" (the federal agents) said that my 39 charges were due to conspiracy. There was no conspiracy, but I WAS paying investigators to get the job done, similar to what the government does.

My organization known as The Adoption & Family Reunion Center of Cape Coral, FL had reunited over 500 families who were separated because of America's archaic practice of sealing the adoptees birth record for 99 years.  I have hundreds of articles about the reunions we completed. But the saddest story that sticks in my mind and heart was when a 78-year-old gentlemen by the name of Warren Wiggins contacted me for assistance and said "I know my parents must be dead, but I'd just like to know if I have siblings or to just meet one other person that looks like me." I wasn't able to help him, but helping the others did cost me going to prison, though I never regretted it.  I refused to take a generous plea deal because I questioned how you can break a law that’s illegal and immoral to start with??

Adoption as it has been practiced in our country for the past 75 years has created ANCESTRICIDE because "the sealed record" wipes out an individual's entire cultural and genetic history and leaves their children and their childrens' children without any ancestry, as well. We are so far behind other countries when it comes to this issue that it's a shame and a disgrace.

All the ADOPTED PERSON wants is a copy of their original birth certificate. Many have been denied passports because they could not produce an original. We need a Federal Mandate to supersede the state laws applicable under the 14th Amendment. I trust that you can assist us with making that happen. I have been an avid supporter of yours since you ran in '08 (and worked the streets) because I know that you are a good, caring and decent man. And I know without a doubt that you'll understand the message of this letter.   

I am now 74 years old and have been waging this battle for 37 years--half of my life. I gave up a child when I was 15, but always wanted her to have access to me when she was grown. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ON BEHALF OF THE 7,000,000 ADOPTEES and all their extended families.  Our world will become a better place when you do.

With sincere concern,
Sandy Musser
From FMF (Our letter plus others that might give you ideas about what to say)
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Opening court records to adoptees and first parents
Broken Bonds: The undeniable connection between slavery and adoption
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To Prison with Love / America's Adoption Travesty (Kindle edition)  Sandy Musser, an adoption reform activist, and Founder of The Adoption & Family Reunion Center was sent to Federal Prison in 1993 in her work of reuniting families. It is the true story of a woman dedicated to the work of adoption reform who believe that closed sealed secret adoptions are immoral and unconstitutional. Adoption records (affecting step-parent adoptions also) were sealed in 48 of the 50 states, beginning in the 1930’s.


  1. "The vast majority of us did have have a voice as to whether adoptees' birth certificates should be sealed."

    Umm... typo? The word "not" should be inserted after "did."

  2. Yikes, my face is so red! How did I not see that? Too many hours at the computer!!!

    Correction made.

  3. I am looking for my mother. My birth certificate states that her name is Janet Kaye White. She is 68 years old, she was born in West Virginia. She was 16 years old when she gave me life. However, I was placed in the adoption system. The Ohio Children Society handled my adoption. I was Janet's first child. I was born in Maple Knoll Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio on the day of November 22, 1960
    I have paperwork from Vital Statistics. Can you help me find my mother or any other family members?
    Steven Gregory White

  4. Steven,
    The US Dept of Health and Human Services has a great pamphlet with loads of information on searching. Scroll down the right-hand side bar on FMF and you'll find a link.

    Check out the resources on the American Adoption Congress website, www.americanadoptioncongress.org.

    Be sure to register with the International Soundex Reunion Registry, www.isrr.org.

    Finally a search support can be invaluable.

  5. Dear Steven Gregory White,
    If you were born and adopted before 1964 in ohio, you can get your birth cert.


  6. Joan, it appears he may have the OBC since he has his mother's name. He just can't find her now. She may have (probably has) married and he can't find her now.



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