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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Everyone. A few photos from tour village and the beach near our house...

and me and Tony! Have a good day! Merry Christmas! --lorraine


  1. Merry Christmas to both of you. Lo, I love and appreciate your writings and photos throughout the year. You always seem to post just what we need to read. Love you, Joy

  2. Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all that you do xx

  3. Lorraine and Tony, Merry Christmas and Blessings in the New Year. Thank you Lorraine for your dedication to informing the world regarding adoption and and its insidious consequences forever.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Lorraine - and you and Tony look so cute together :) Thanks to you and Jane for being champions of change in adoption. Merry Christmas!

  5. Beautiful Pictures! Merry Christmas to you and everyone at FMF, I read your forum everyday and have learned so much here!

  6. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thanks for everything you do for all of us. What peaceful images, I love the little Christmas tree on the lake.

  7. Lorraine you have a gift for nature photography. I love the beach shot, a path? For pities sake, what is up and around the bend? This girl likes to see what's over the next rise. Love that golden, stormy sunset too! Is that a road shot?

    It always seems the best sunset or sunrise shots always occur when on the road! Well, almost. It sure does help to have someone else behind the wheel.

    The best pic is of you and your big bear of a comforting protector, Tony. He does look as protective as can be, and like he would make a quick 'lunch' (not the messy kind, of course) of anybody or anything that hurt his best gal. Sweet!

  8. Cindy--Thanks! I have been thinking about doing a book of pictures or a calendar with shots of where I live. After all, my brother has been an art director since art school, my niece is an exceptional graphic artist and illustrator, my granddaughter Kim (Brett in hole in my heart) is an art teacher. I have a small digital Nikon someone gave me and my cell camera but I am discovering I am having a great time taking pictures. I remember the day I took the blue sky dark ground photo--I was driving and had to pull over--and wondered if the small farm stand and the car ahead of me would ruin the shot, but it didn't. You have to look closely to see them. But now! I cannot recall exactly where that space is. It's got to be within a 10-mile radius of where I live.

  9. Put me down for a calendar, or two. I think that's a great idea.

    You've sparked ideas here. Create calendars or similar and use the proceeds or part of to fund adoptee rights or SOS(saving our sisters). Hmm. There are all kinds of possibilities.

    Abilities and gifts/talents certainly do run in families no denying it.

    1. And my uncle was a painter. One of his nature scenes, a rather large oil, hung in our dining room when I was growing up. My brother ended up with it and he recently gave it to one of my uncle's daughters (AKA a cousin) and she posted the shot of it in her living room on FB. I came across it today looking up something else.



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