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Monday, June 25, 2018

Think all those separated children are going back to their natural mothers? Think again. Guatemalan woman lost her son in 2012

                                          David Stonner/Joplin Globe
Encarnacion Bail Romero with attorney Omar Riojas
Today's emails brought a link to the story of a Guatemalan woman--an illegal immigrant when she was taken into custody--who lost her child to adoption in the United States. It was a terrible, sad injustice done to her and her son when this occurred in 2012. I wrote several posts about the boy's journey from his mother,  Encarnacion Bail Romero to  adoption and the parents who fought her every step of the way, Seth and Melinda Moser of Carthage, Missouri.

Since America is in the middle of a large-scale problem of separating mothers and their children--one baby is reportedly nine months old!--the likelihood that all the
children will be reunited with their natural families is zilch. Unless a child has a name and a detention center where his parent or parents are in his pocket or pinned to his chest, how are the overworked and overstressed people responsible for this going to track down every mother? Some have left the country already, and some will chose to leave their children rather than take them back to the failed states of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras where these refugees were fleeing in search of a better life.

This will indeed be a black period in our history when the books are written in the future. People who wonder how we as a people could have been so heartless, how we could let a dictator get away with such cruelty in order that he might appeal to his base, as he has written.

Here is what happened in 2010-2012:

An immigrant fights for her son, illegally adopted

Guatemalan mother seeking return of son gets her day in court

and finally:

Guatemalan mother loses son to American couple

Instead of being the nation where the words under the Statue of Liberty once meant something--“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"--we have turned into a place where they no longer apply. And we are the lesser for it.--lorraine


  1. When I read that parents are given the choice of having their children remain in the US when they are deported, I thought immediately that adoption practitioners will be swarming all over the refugee centers. "Sign here. your child can remain in the US and get an education. When he's 18, he can return to you in Guatemala." Mothers in Vietnam, Cuba, Africa fleeing war, a natural disaster, or famine have been duped into surrendering their children for adoption with promises their child will be returned. The practitioners make money; American couples think they have saved a child. The only losers are the natural parents and the child -- and they don't count.

  2. Yep, Bethany Christian Services has been contracted by the current federal administration to take care of the children separated from their families. Many of us know what that means, and thank goodness ReWire news is providing some good coverage on Bethany's history as well as its thick connections to the current federal administration: https://rewire.news/article/2018/06/27/christian-group-fostering-migrant-kids-history-coercive-adoptions/

  3. This has been a travesty to many who are looking for sanctuary in this country. They are given a whole other Sophie’s Choice. Same one msny women here face with pregnancy unwanted

  4. A family leaves their country due to very dangerous conditions there that threaten the life of their child. They sought sanctuary in another country until the situation improved in their homeland.

    The parents names were Mary and Joseph. The child's name was Jesus.

  5. I read up on this sad case. She was arrested for Identity theft using others Socisl security number and other ID. Working illegally and being in country illegally were thrown into the mix but the ID theft clinched the 2 year jail sentence.

    She gave up her child to family members. Her big mistake as she entrusted him to them. She should have kept her parental rights and placed into social services but mistrust and ignorance of system, lack of money and language skills, bad lawyer all contributed to mudtskevslongvwith trust of family

    The family legally gave up the child as was their legal right. The baby was then up for adoption. That is how this child was lost to the mother All legal and legitimate. But morally? Arguable. Her choices and life for child not optimal. The young boy has been raised by loving parents to whom he is bonded.



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