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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Last Sibling in the Family Found

Yesterday three siblings were looking for a fourth sibling, via the Today show, as we noted in yesterday's post. As fortune would have it, the fourth was watching in Sarasota and knew immediately they were searching for her. The two sisters went to the same high school in Maine, both were adopted, and one of them knew she was the sister but she had been told not to tell. 

They are full brothers and sisters, and were removed from their home because of abuse. It seems the first mother is deceased, or at least I do not know where she is.
The morning, all four siblings were reunited on the set of the Today show. Watch the video here and try not to weep, if you can. I couldn't.--lorraine
Jane had a post up for a few minutes and this broke, but her post will be back tomorrow.


  1. How anyone in the world can argue adoption records should remain sealed after viewing this video is beyond me. I met my half-siblings earlier this year, after 50+ years, and it was just amazing. Why should anyone be denied that?

  2. Again, WOW! I honestly believe that what happens is part of life, to prepare us. My dealing with mental illness within my family will help me deal with my daughter in a reasonable manner - at least now that I am mostly through menopause (they say).

    I hope it works.

  3. I am always so glad to see the joy of siblings and other families reuniting with each other.



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