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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Brothers--and now a sister--searching for another sister

This story about the two brothers, Randy Joubert and Gary Nesbit, adopted into separate families, working at the same furniture store in Maine has been all over the media, but here is this morning's video from the Today show.

As one says: I had a great childhood but when you are adopted you always hunger for that person you might look like, you want to look like someone, I thought that was just gone....If he had been perfectly happy he would never had found his brother. They all showed up for the Today show dressed in black, none of them checking with the other about what they should wear.

The story about the brothers led to a sister finding them after her fiance read about them in a local Maine newspaper..."We all cried and hugged....I drove over there crying and speeding and sobbing so bad, I hoped a cop would stop me and escort me over there...."

One of the brothers at the end gets in a short pitch for open records in the other 42 states. They are now searching for another sister, named Claire Marie by their mother, who would be 39 or 40. Watch the eight-minute video and weep:

 What is it going to take to open the records? I just don't know anymore. I just do not know.


  1. Wow! Amazingly that being close does not seem to be that different. After age 9, my daughter never lived more than 300 miles from me. She even went for a short time to one of the high schools that I attended.

    That need to now someone that looks like you, thinks like you, smells like you (it is important) and feels right to you, that is what drives them. Or at least that is what I think.

    Very cool. I hope that it all remains good.

  2. I think it is so important that he lobbied for open records! I can only hope that my son's afamily watched this so perhaps they will understand.

  3. I can't imagine how any legislature could watch these this clip and NOT vote for open access for adoptees!



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