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Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Grayson' Is on his way home

Benjamin Wyrembek's son

"Grayson is on his way home to be with his Dad. This will be a hard day but will get easier with each passing day. Grayson and Ben you have alot of people that support you. Here's to a wonderful life together!"

Posted on the Facebook page, Give Grayson Back, two hours ago, and the transfer was confirmed at the opposing "Keep Grayson Home" page, where they are asking their 7,123 supporters [are they all adopters, I wonder] on FB to pray for the boy "as he moves today to live with his bio [real] father in Ohio."

I am so pleased to post this good news. Whatever Benjamin Wyrembek chooses to call his son, I applaud him for working so long and tirelessly to reclaim him from Christy and Jason Vaughn of Sellersburg, Indiana, who dragged out this custody battle for three friggen' years, and any trauma that the boy suffers is totally their fault. In this case, I have little respect for the boy's birth/natural mother, Drucilla Bocvarov. It will be interesting to see what happens with the child as he grows, and whether she does have a relationship with him, which I hope she is able to.

Personally, I think the father has every right to divest the name from the child as, especially if it is true that it a family the name of the Vaughns, as one of our intrepid followers has noted. 



  1. Bravo - he goes home. Truly home. I dispise adopters like the Vaughns. They weren't about his welfare, only their egos. And his mother, I pity her. Her journey is only in the third year....it is a lifelong one that she started out badly and made worse.

    I hope that the boy and his father have a great life and enjoy being family.

  2. I'm not under any illusions that this will be easy for Grayson but I believe in his father and his love for him and I believe he will do everything in his power to make the best kind of life for his son.

    Today Grayson and Ben are in my prayers and thoughts. I am so happy for both of them!

    The only ones in the Vaughn family that I have any caring for is their two other children. My heart breaks when I think of what they must be going through today since I am pretty sure, just as they did not prepare Grayson, they did not prepare their other children for this. So they, too, are in my thoughts and prayers today.

    It's a a bittersweet day but one I am so glad finally happened.

  3. It's about time we see another success! I'm so happy for this family!!

  4. Definition of DIVEST Merriam-Webster

    1 a : to deprive or dispossess especially of property, authority, or title

    b : to undress or strip especially of clothing, ornament, or equipment

    c : rid, free

    2: to take away from a person

    I hope this boy's dad is a good guy, cause the little tyke deserves better than all of this.

  5. Me too, Campbell. There was no possibility of a totally happy ending for Grayson no matter how it turned out. I hope his Dad is a sensitive, loving father who puts his son first, and that he has lots of help, family and professional, to get through this and get Grayson through it.

  6. I am dumb founded that you guys act like this is the best thing. OMGosh, what kind of a horrible man would do this to a child??? with a good environment and love. If he were a real man, he would at least want to share with the Vaughns to make sure he was well adjusted. Instead, it is about money. I donot know the Vaughns, but any man who has an affair with a married woman, says enough. God will intervene. I speculate he wants to sue somebody, write a book, and try to get public assistance. Is he going to stay home with the little fella? What a piece of work, to do this to this child. I hope God get's his revenge soon for selfishly destorying this little guy. FYI I WAS ADOPTED MMM (Maybe his mother will now come take him)

  7. I will be keeping Grayson and his father, the entire Wyrembek family in my prayers. I will also be praying for the Vaughn children, who also are innocent victims in this entire mess.

    Grayson's father IS a real man, who offered to make the transition easier, it is the Vaughn's that denied that.

    NOBODY is to blame except the Vaughn's, their lawyers, and the adoption industry. THEY are the horrible people in this story. THEY are also the ones that kept Grayson away from his true family for so long, making this the nightmare that it has become for an innocent child.

  8. "NOBODY is to blame except the Vaughn's, their lawyers, and the adoption industry"

    How is it that the mom has no responsibility in this Susie?



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