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Saturday, October 30, 2010

LAST CHANCE! VOTE FOR Demon in Adoption Tonight!

Voting over. New post tonight. I hope. Life calls. And Happy BEware Adoption Month.

The boy called Grayson Vaughn may be home already, with his father, Benjamin Wyrembek (see post earlier today, below) but there are still a few hours left to vote for the Demon in Adoption Award at the Pound Pub Legacy website.The deadline is midnight (Saturday)!

Here are the candidates, with a short description from their website:
The nominees are:

  • LDS Family Services: for being the most secretive of all adoption agencies, using coercive tactics in obtaining infants for adoption and having no respect for father's rights;
  • Gladney center for adoption: for being one of the most profit-centered agencies around and blocking open record efforts in Texas;
  • Christian World Adoption: for their involvement in "harvesting" practices in Ethiopia and their blind ambition to "save" each and every "orphan" in this world;
  • Larry S. Jenkins: for his involvement in nearly every case where father's rights were violated;
  • Joint Council on International Children's Services: for promoting the interest of adoption agencies at the expense of children, and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress;
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for giving their seal of approval to persons and organizations that promote the interests of the adoption industry and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress;
  • Council on Accreditation: for their lack of research done on inter-country adoption agency histories prior to giving out Hague accreditation;
  • American Adoption Congress: For failing to remove state reps who were openly working against open access for adult adoptees;
  • American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey: for opposing open records for adoptees and "protecting" closet moms, based on a "stack of anonymous letters" claimed to be from "birthmothers".
  • Christian Alliance for Orphans: for promoting the business interests of adoption agencies through churches.
  • Southern Baptist Convention: for passing resolution no. 2 , pushing the business interests of adoption agencies to the members of their church;
  • Adoption.com for systematically banning voices that oppose current adoption practices and their continuous pro-adoption propaganda;
  • Scott Simon: for his vomit-inducing book “Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other” and his grotesque crying and blubbering about his purchasing of another human being;
  • WE tv: for their hideously exploitative series ‘Adoption Diaries,’ turning what is a highly emotive and complex topic into ‘reality’ show fodder.

Go to Demons in Adoption Award page to vote. And hurry. The winner will be announced on November 1st, and will of course be honored here. My own personal vote was case for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

From Pound Pup's press release:
Pound Pup Legacy will present the fourth annual “Demons of Adoption Award” to counter adoption propaganda and the self-congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards.

Adoption is the largest unregulated industry in the USA today. Billions of dollars are involved with little oversight and no accountability. Unmarried, pregnant women continue to be coerced or tricked into surrendering their children to persons who profit from adoption.

“Furthermore, over the years, inter-country has been proven to be rampant with fraud and corruption, an inconvenient truth for adoption agencies that prefer to keep their supply channels open,” said Niels Hoogeveen, spokesperson for Pound Pup Legacy.

“Adoption is either presented to the public as a win-win situation in the case of domestic adoption or saving the lives of orphans in inter-country adoption. No mention is ever made of the fact one family has to be destroyed before an other can be created. The real 'winners' are adoption agencies and facilitators,” he added.


  1. A very difficult choice!! Maybe they could share!

  2. You are not their Judge!!!! God is their Judge..
    So call them not Christians is not very christain yourself... They opened up their home when a child needed it. They loved a child that was not even theirs. How many people do that? Its hard to let go of something you love. If adults acted as adults Grayson would not even probably be here today!!! Everyone involved is a victim here. But Grayson will pay the price. I hope God will put Grayson in his hands and watch over him and keep him safe and hope that he will be loved as I've seen him be loved here in Indiana!!!!

  3. Hey Hoosier and all you other folks that support the Vaughns. Check the facts. Great that Vaughns are willing to take a "child not even their own" but they should have taken a child from foster care who needed a home. They knew Grayson had a home within 10 days of taking him, yet they kept him unlawfully.

    If you believe the Vaughns should be able to keep Grayson because they are "better parents", then everyone in America needs to fear for their children. The next step will be for the government to take kids at birth and give them to more worthy people.

    If Grayson's father is such a bad guy, all the Vaughns need to do is file a legal action to terminate his legal rights and prove their case. Instead they tried their case in the media because THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T PROVE IT IN COURT.

    God is watching over Grayson and put him where He intended him to be from the beginning -- to the parent which helped create him.

    If God wanted Grayson to be with the Vaughns, they would have given birth to him.

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