' [Birth Mother] First Mother Forum: NYC Press Conference for Open Records for Adoptees

Sunday, May 8, 2011

NYC Press Conference for Open Records for Adoptees

Press Conference for the Bill of Adoptee Rights from Flower City Media on Vimeo.
If you can get through this without getting a tear in your eye, you're a stronger person than I am. If you are in any state that has a bill in the works get involved!

I'm going to email both David Weprin and Richard Gottfried and thank them for their support. And by the way, Unsealed Initiative is collecting money (and size donation welcome, and we mean any amount) for Weprin's election campaign. He is a staunch supporter and we need him in Albany. If you have any NY connection with your adoption, please contact Joyce Bahr at unsealedinitiative@nyc.rr.com. 

We have around $400 at this point; I'd love to see us get to a thousand.  And check out UI's page too: Unsealed Initiative.  

On another note, I just read a blog by an adopter looking for a second child and she writes she feels
incredibly "sad" for me. Argument going on under earlier blog:
Why I'm not celebrating "Birth Mother's Day"

It was weird to read, I admit. --lorraine 


  1. Thinking of you, Jane, and Linda (if she is reading) on Mother's Day.

    Good vimeo for the day. Go Unsealed Initiative!

    Don't let those who know basically nothing about your story knock you off your stride.


  2. I spent my most unusual Mothers Day. My first one alone
    ever. Made dinner for myself treated myself good. I
    heard from all five of my grown adults. Gave me time to
    think and reflect just can't handle this holiday that
    honors so many women that aren't even mothers. I just can't comprehend how a woman can pretend she is a mom when she knows she isn't. I did not call my own mom. As
    a mother who had my baby taken for adoption and my mom supporting that decision I have some issues.
    My motherhood wasn't important to her so I don't
    think her motherhood should be important to me. Let's
    pretend is a game I no longer want to play. 47 years
    later and still no conversation as to why that decision was
    made for me.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this. But it was a good vimeo none the less.


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