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Friday, December 27, 2013

Capobiancos register at Target for new adopted baby

UPDATE (Nov. 28, 2017)
Apparently Matt and Melanie Capobianco did adopt another child, a daughter named Stella, as I originally surmised in this 2013 post, soon after Veronica Brown was taken from her natural father by court order. An obituary for Melanie's mother lists among her descendants (which they are actually not) the two children of Melanie as Veronica and Stella. The obit says this:

Dr. Duncan is survived by her daughter, Melanie Duncan and her husband, Matthew Capobianco of Charleston, SC; her granddaughters, Veronica and Stella Capobianco; her brother Joseph B. Fabin Jr. and his wife Lisa Fabin and her nephew Timothy Fabin all of Minerva, N.Y. 

Just a news brief today: Matt and Melanie Capobianco have apparently adopted a second child, and have registered for gifts at Target. To those who do not know, the Capobiancos of Charleston, South Carolina prevailed in their battle to remove four-year-old Veronica Brown from the home of Dusten Brown, her biological father--where she was thriving--at the end of September. Regarding the adoption of a second child--from where I do not know--I really have no words to add, and look for our reader's reaction. I am sick at heart.--lorraine


  1. Once again, proof they don't care about Veronica. Adding a newborn to a traumatic situation and expecting her to adjust normally. God I am just sick...

    The world is going to hell...

  2. I found the registry under Matt's name. Please tell me this is a hoax. Why would they need all this. Didn't they save Ronnie Brown's stuff from when they stole her?

  3. This has been discussed for days on the Standing Our Ground for Veronica facebook. I'm pretty sure it's a hoax, after all what are the odds that they managed to adopt a second girl who's birthday is the same day as Veronica's "gotcha day"? Wasn't Nov 22nd the day that the OK courts reversed the stay on custody and Dusten returned her to the other couple?

  4. Lorraine, I saw this and am fervently hoping it is a hoax. If it indeed is true, then the lack of consideration for Veronica's well-being clearly has reached new heights.

    I also recently read about a Danish documentary film that came out earlier this year, "Mercy, Mercy." It apparently addresses an Ethiopian adoption (by a Danish couple) gone horribly wrong. There is a 4 year old girl in that story as well, a girl who suffers a terrible fate as a result of being coercively adopted out of a happy,loving, first home that she shared with her biological parents and siblings in Ethiopia.

    So many children are faced with such unnecessary trauma. Really breaks my heart.

  5. Earlier today it was possible to see many items still "needed" at the Target site, but now it just shows their name and the date. Further investigation is needed. I will call Target tomorrow and see if I can find out whether the site is real or not.

    But Veronica Brown was handed over to the Capobiancos on September 23, according to news reports, not November 22, which is the date of the supposed arrival of the new baby.

    'Baby Veronica' returned to adoptive parents after Oklahoma high court lifts order

  6. Correction:

    If you click on the blue baby icon at the Target site, you get to a listing of items still needed. One would think that if this were truly a hoax, they would have contacted Target and had it taken down.

  7. I don't think this is a hoax. There are some items on the registry that show 'COMPLETE'. This means that someone purchased the item for the Crapobiancos. I called Target and they told me that the only way an item can be shown as 'COMPLETE' is if a STORE ASSOCIATE scans the purchase and cross-references it with the registry. Any individual cannot just go in and update the information.

    And Ella Marsh, I don't think November 22nd is a significant date. Ronnie was taken from Dusten, under threat of violence, on September 23rd. One week after her 4th birthday.

  8. Jay Iyer,
    Have you been able to see "Mercy Mercy" (Eng) / "Adoptionens Pris" (Danish)?

    If you haven't and can, I highly recommend it. It's traveled around Europe. Out of all the Intercountry Adoption doucmentaries, I would say it's the most riveting, poignant, tormenting, powerful, honest and balanced ICA documentary I've ever seen. It portrays the PAPs, first parents, and children's viewpoints and follows them. As I followed the Veronica case, I couldn't help but think of 4 year old Masho too. Masho is now 9 years old (?) and although in an institution, her parents in Ethiopia still aren't allowed to visit - APs have legal control.

    This NGO has been trying to help Masho and other children like her reunite with their biological parents (across continental borders!!). There is so much red tape and bureaucratic resistance, but they do an amazing and costly job in this very difficult climate.

    Their work has helped shed light on this trafficking industry and stop some of the corruption. DAN Adopt, in this article below, was the orphanage that brokered Masho and her younger brother. http://www.againstchildtrafficking.org/2013/04/unicef-child-harvesters-is-a-known-phenomenon/

    If you feel like helping them or know others who want to support them, here's more information on this NGO. If you feel like donating, that would be much appreciated too.

    Sorry about the off-topic plugin. I'm pretty passionate about them too.

  9. Veronica already has a sibling. The Capobiancos should be focused on maintaining and nurturing that relationship. Then again, they never should have taken her away to begin with.


  10. I wonder if this is an open adoption. I can't imagine any mother in her right mind trusting their infant with the C's after she saw how little regard the C's have for Veronica's well-being.

  11. Hello Kym, I am really interested in seeing "Mercy, Mercy" but am not sure where to find it in the United States or online - any thoughts? I am afraid to witness the tragedy of Masho's needlessly deprived fate, but I feel it is a movie that must be watched.

    Thanks for the info about the NGO. My own efforts to keep the family of a child whom I love very much happy, stable and safe together did not go very well - so I'd like to help others who are able to effect that goal. I pray that Masho and others like her (Veronica, for one) are reunited with their natural parents

  12. I wonder where the baby's father is in all this. hmmm.......

  13. @ Jay and others who might be interested, here is Albtraum Adoption (Mercy Mercy) on Youtube. There are no subtitles but the images speak for themselves.

  14. Q & A Mercy Mercy: An interview with Katrine Rijs

  15. Ugh. Thanks for the calls and emails to Target. Beginning to think it may be true. You'd think by now the C's would insist on going the surrogate/donor sperm route. Of course that would be fewer $ for Night Night agency and their crack atty

  16. http://www.toysrus.com/registry/search/index.jsp?_flowExecutionKey=_cB38A7F31-F7DB-3AB8-1C37-9AFD935388C4_k4DECE474-BF51-0440-38B0-B33BB2543DB9&overrideStore=TRUS found another at babies r us. an elaborate hoax? going to check wal mart

  17. the babies r us registry is under melanie duncan. there has been an expensive purchase there as well.

  18. Just tried toy r us (and Babies r us) and there appears to be no registry for Melanie Duncan or Capobianco.

  19. I think this is a very sick very bad joke.

  20. I found it at Babies"R"Us under Melanie Duncan and Matt Capobianco. If this link doesn't take you directly to their page, you can put Melanie Duncan in the Registrant field and fill out the other information (i.e. Charleston, SC) and that should take you right to their registry. One expensive item shows purchased.

    I can't believe how awful this will be Veronica if she has to adjust so quickly to a new 'sibling' who isn't even her blood relative. She already has a REAL half-sister. That's who she should be growing up with.


  21. Melanie Duncan and Matt Capobianco are also registered at the bump.com through amazon.com
    It's hard to believe this is all a hoax. But I hope it is.


  22. Yes, it is still at babies r us under melanie duncan. the registry number is 51513633. a 200.00 baby video monitor has already been purchased. please let this be a sick joke. who broke this story originally?

  23. why is it the end of the world if this family has a second child? Veronica might love growing up with a sibling. it is none of our business. many families adopt more than one child.

    do you think that since you disagree with the legal outcome of this case, that they should live in misery? don't you want them to flourish and be a happy family for the sake of the child? and don't you think really that is something we cannot decide for another family? Would you like to be told that you cannot have more children by strangers? live and let live.

  24. " Anonymous said...

    why is it the end of the world if this family has a second child? Veronica might love growing up with a sibling. it is none of our business. many families adopt more than one child.

    do you think that since you disagree with the legal outcome of this case, that they should live in misery? don't you want them to flourish and be a happy family for the sake of the child? and don't you think really that is something we cannot decide for another family? Would you like to be told that you cannot have more children by strangers? live and let live.

    December 29, 2013 at 8:48 AM"

    Really, anon? Living with Veronica ALONE would be "misery"? Wow. Veronica has been through trauma. You don't add another child to the mix when 100% of your devotion, attention, and responsibility should go towards helping child #1 (Veronica) adjust and become as comfortable as she can! A big "DUH" there. I don't think the strong reactions are to the fact that *assuming* they have adopted again, but to the TIMING of it! It reeks of selfishness, but for the C's, that is "par for the course." They obviously care only about themselves and what THEY want...as proven by removing V from Dusten in the first place. And as to your comment of "Would you like to be told that you cannot have more children by strangers?" They're not "having" more children...they're purchasing them! These are "somebody else's" children. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone else would want to give those people a baby.

    When are the true, pure "best interests" of these children being adopted going to be made top priority??

    Oh and P.S. Veronica *was* growing up with a sibling, and probably *did* love it. Remember that the C's took that relationship away. ;)

  25. @Anon 8:48am,
    Perhaps the Crapos could spend five seconds thinking about Veronica's needs and her well-being instead of their own self-interests. Of course, I realize this is asking the impossible. The only good thing about this couple, imo, is that they have given me a new appreciation of my own APs. Compared to the Crapos and their excessive self centeredness, my APs look like saints.

    My idea of live and let live does not extend to using one's wealth, power and connections to 'legally' kidnap SOMEONE ELSE'S loved, wanted and extremely well-cared for child.

  26. Anon said:
    Would you like to be told that you cannot have more children by strangers?

    My answer:
    Would you like to be told you can't have the right to know who your own flesh and blood parents are your whole life BY strangers. I also say SHUT UP.
    I am SO sick of adoption I think I am going to literally hurl until the day I die.
    An UNgrateful adoptee.

  27. Adoptions can take years, so there is a very good chance that the Capos, if true, started the process years ago.

  28. "Anonymous said...

    Adoptions can take years, so there is a very good chance that the Capos, if true, started the process years ago."

    So what. They could have turned it down...considering Veronica's best interests of course.

    No excuse.

  29. If it's true they've adopted another kid, It would seem like it would make sense that the C's would have started the process some time back. Then again, with all the good will they've probably earned from the adoption industry, maybe they got a helping hand.

    One thing that's bothered me since I heard this story, do they maybe see Ronnie as "damaged goods" now? Are they hoping for the new baby to "fix" everything? Meanwhile they get to start fresh with an "undamaged" one. Does this make sense?

  30. I highly doubt they see her as damaged goods. they are probably over the moon to have her back, and if true, probably started the other adoption years ago to give her a sibling.

  31. My guess is that the C's started the adoption process when they lost Veronica so they would have a replacement baby. Veronica is not unique to them so another baby off the assembly line would do just as well. The Godwin's probably gave them a discount on the new baby.

    My guess also is that the Godwin's are behind the C's fighting for Veronica. The C's could have sued the Godwin's for screwing up the adoption plus the Godwin's reputations were shot after the South Carolina Supreme Court's first decision which put a damper on their business. Plus if the that Court's interpretation of the ICWA stood, Godwin would lose a significant source of children.

    The C's likely wanted another child since everything was so messed up with Veronica. With the new baby, they can pretend they're just an ordinary family.

    The mother who gave them the new baby -- perhaps someone from her church? She must have rocks in her head.

  32. Anonymous, I'm sure they were over the moon when they first got her back, but we don't really know how well or not so well things have gone since then.

  33. If the C's had another baby in the pipeline, it makes me sick that they didn't just drop the battle to steal Veronica and accept that she was not available for adoption.

    If this is, in fact, true, it appears that no one knew anything about it, except for maybe their closest insiders. Just another sin of omission to add to the long list of the C's deceptions.

  34. It's a false rumor. The Capobiancos did not adopt a second child. Don't feed the trolls.

  35. Anonymous, can you tell us more, like your source or anything about the fake baby registries? My feeling about them being fake has hardened because so few things were purchased and they stayed the same.

    But more information rather than a blanket --this is the way it is--would be helpful. You may have very close and good data, can you share more?

  36. Nope it is not a hoax, they have actually adopted another baby girl. There was a picture of Veronica and the new baby, sadly that happy glow Veronica had at home with her daddy is not seen in the picture with Veronica and her new baby sister.

  37. The blog I have read that shared a photo of Veronica with a baby stated that it was a child from a young woman or teenager from their community and/or church, and didn't say anything about the baby being adopted by the Crapobianco's. I wouldn't put it past them, but it does not seem like the story is true, otherwise I am sure that blogger, and others, would have more solid info on this.



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