Richard H. Hill
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Hole in My Heart is many things. First of all, it’s the captivating, first person story of the author’s journey from unwed mother to revered spokesperson for adoption reform. Along the way she reunites with the child she gave up for adoption. Through decades of up and down relationships with her daughter and the girl’s adoptive family, Dusky helps readers understand the challenges and trauma of adoption from all sides.

Along the way, the author pauses her personal story to inform us about the world of adoption through Facts and Commentary chapters. A longtime advocate of adoptee rights, Dusky gives us the insider’s scoop on everything from shady adoption practices to the latest research on adoption issues.

An adoptee and writer myself, I thought I knew a lot about adoption. But I discovered some surprising facts between the covers of this book. With nearly a hundred footnotes, Hole in My Heart is a great starting point for anyone wishing to explore this subject.